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The Dog Saga Part II

You may remember that I taught a dog the other week (see So Now I Teach Dogs from 23rd February); well the saga continued this week. It was a grey Monday morning and there were some rumblings in the staffroom amongst some fellow colleagues. It transpired that the woman who always brings her dog was on the premises and I told them how I was cornered into letting the dog into my class the other week. Like me, they were horrified. One even went off to find out if there was a dog policy. The phrase ‘health and safety’ was even bandied about (typical Brits right?).

As I walked towards my classroom I passed the student with the dog. She was waiting for the lift because the dog was too tired to walk up a flight of stairs and it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps I was scheduled to teach Team Hound again. I walked down the corridor preparing to deny the dog should I need to and with a slightly increased heart rate (I get scared by the thought of confrontation) I sat and waited for my student, listening at the open door for sounds of a lift opening and the approach of a dog. Sure enough, there was a ping followed by doggy panting and the patter of claws on wooden floors. It didn’t stop at any of the other rooms along the way but kept coming and coming until they were at my door.

I was brave. I did it: I denied the dog. She started to protest but I was firm and said I didn’t like dogs and it had to stay outside. It took five minutes of fuss to make the dog comfortable. Because it was certain to make noise if it couldn’t see its owner, we left the door open and the dog sat on the floor tied to a chair for the duration. It barked a bit at times and the owner loudly shushed it, but most of the time it just looked annoyed and seemed to be giving its owner dirty looks. Did I feel mean? Not even for a second. I could still smell it from outside the room. By the time I got back to the staffroom my colleague had established with the management that no dogs were to be allowed in any class from thenceforth. People Power: 1, Pooch Power: 0.

Over the past few days I’ve compiled a dog montage for you. Hope you enjoy;

Dog in a pub

Dog in a cafe

Dog on a train

Dog in a shoe shop


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2 thoughts on “The Dog Saga Part II

  1. robmaude on said:

    I read your post to my dogs. They thought it was hilarious. But Cooper did you think you were a bit ruff on the poor pooch 😉

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