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Cats and Dogs

I have blogged before about the special treatment that dogs receive in Vienna. I am still no more used to seeing dogs in clothes shops and restaurants and I am very happy to say that my prediction that one day I would see a dog on a bike came true. Well, the dog wasn’t actually riding the bike, that would be weird, but the dog was sitting in the front basket and, I assume, barking directions to its owner who was cycling. Unfortunately, I did not have time to get a picture of it, but I did, I am happy to say, get a picture of two pooches in a push-chair. Look at these pampered little doggies in a pram.


Dogs enjoying a festival from the comfort of their stroller

Dogs enjoying a festival from the comfort of their stroller

Recently, I have noticed that the Viennese are starting to love cats a little bit more. I came across a peculiar product in a famous chocolate shop where you can buy chocolate cats’ tongues. They are not actual tongues dipped in chocolate, which would be gross and I’m sure illegal, but are very thin pieces of chocolate shaped like what you would assume to resemble a cat’s tongue. Why you would want to eat something shaped like that, I am not entirely sure, especially when the pictures on the front are never really of a cute cat but of a fierce looking, hissing one, but that is the weirdness of Vienna for you.


chocolate tongue anyone? meow

Chocolate tongue anyone? meow

Since dogs can be admitted into any venue in Vienna, it automatically renders them cat-unfriendly, so the local cat population can be very happy to know that there is a special place for them in town. There is café Neko, a cat café, where you can take your cats or where you can go and simply enjoy being around the cats that belong to the café. Yes, I know, it’s weird. I went to see what it was like and yes, the things that bother me about dogs being everywhere i.e. worrying that dog hair is everywhere, wondering how hygienic it is, apply exactly to the cat café situation. The cats have cushions scattered all over the venue and have specially assembled shelves for them to climb, and if you take photos, it should be without the flash, so as not to offend the moggies. For me though, I soon had the feeling that I was breathing in cat hair and seeing as all windows are kept closed to prevent feline escape attempts, I felt somewhat claustrophobic. I didn’t stay long, but seeing as cats are pretty boring to watch, I don’t think I missed much. I am, however, pleased that the Viennese cat population has somewhere to go and drink coffee in peace without the threat of a dog turning up.

Read all about the cats whilst you choose your drink

Read all about the cats whilst you choose your drink

Hunde strictly verboten

Hunde strictly verboten

Dog in a clothes shop. You never see a cat in a shop do you?

Dog in a clothes shop. You never see a cat in a shop do you?













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