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Any Excuse to Have a Drink and Dress Up

It has been obviously apparent since arriving here that the locals love nothing better than to have a drink and they need little persuasion to do so. Rarely can you walk through town without their being some kind of festival on, and with a festival comes the wine, the beer, the bread and ham and the Lederhosen.

A few weeks ago there was a festival to celebrate Styria, a region known as The Green Heart of Austria and all the Styrian natives living in Vienna were out in style, as was the rest of the city. There were bands and dances and displays of virile young men chopping logs in time with the music. The display included time for them to stop and swig wine from the bottle before continuing with the ritual. I desperately snapped a few pictures of them in their Lederhosen, but I had ample opportunity to photograph people in traditional dress because it wasn’t just those performing or staffing stalls wearing it, lots of people were. There were some magnificent feathered hats and also lots of women in the traditional Dirndl dress: whenever they have the chance, they will proudly put it on. Last weekend I went to a vineyard that was having a small gathering to signify the start of the wine tavern open-season and lots of people wandered in in local dress there too. I felt a little jealous that we don’t have a national costume in England. There are obvious iconic images of course, like the Beefeaters, but you wouldn’t go round dressed like one of those, not unless it was a fancy dress party. It struck me that our characteristic unpatriotic-ness means we miss out on something, a chance to bond with others and celebrate in style. I suppose the closest we come is the image of the Union Jack on lots of t-shirts and bags, but I just can’t bring myself to wear it; it seems a bit icky. I get a bit closer to patriotism when it comes to sporting events like football and no doubt, should I find myself in the UK come the Olympics, I will happily drape a flag around my shoulders and go all team GB but that’ll be the extent of it. Until then I’ll be pointing at all the marvellous Lederhosen and Dirndls and joining the locals for a glass of local wine.

Her dress is a Dirndl

Note also the ham, and the wine

Strong Styrian wood cutters

Always an accordian

Marvellous Lederhosen

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